SIMPRECT Carbon Fiber Driver’s Sunglasses

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Carbon Fiber Driver’s Sunglasses

Carbon Fiber Driver’s Sunglasses with mirrored lenses feature thin, metal frames and durable, unique lenses. A variety of metals can influence the color of lenses, but regardless of metal type, lenses can help in reflecting light. 

Carbon Fiber Driver’s Sunglasses | Polarized Sunglasses

Add a few new pairs of sunglasses to your wardrobe when you buy a few new summer dresses and sandals. If you’re interested in a classic wayfarer, now is the time to try something new: a summery print, an oversized frame,  or even a bright pop of color. Moreover, you can find plenty of affordable options for getting pumped up for the summer ahead.

It’s important to ensure the glasses offer 100% UV400 protection, which means the lenses will block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, some lenses are polarised, which will help reduce glare from surfaces – especially useful during a long drive.

Among For Eyes’ many options for sunglasses, we pride ourselves on our wide range of lenses. To help each individual find the right eyewear, we offer a variety of shades, shapes, and styles.

Mirrored and polarized lenses are two of our most popular lens options for sunglasses. But which one is better when comparing mirror and polarized sunglasses?

You may prefer one type of lens over another, but each has its own benefits. Changing the lens of your sunglasses is a big difference between mirrored and polarized lenses.

From the outside, the lenses appear shiny, as if you were looking at a mirror  (hence the name). Despite this, you won’t feel like you’re looking at a mirror when you wear them, because the mirrored look doesn’t carry through to the inside of the lens. People only see you in that way when they are looking at you. 

Mirrored sunglasses have the advantage of reducing glare, making driving and engaging in outdoor sports much more comfortable. Mirrored eyewear also prevents too much light from reaching your lenses, improves your ability to perceive colors, and protects your eyes from UV (ultraviolet) light. 

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Frame Material

Aluminium Magnesium

Lenses Optical Attribute


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Lens Height

45 mm

Lenses Material


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Lens Width

61 mm

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1 review for SIMPRECT Carbon Fiber Driver’s Sunglasses

  1. T***a

    Nice sunglasses. They have elegant frame, lightweight and sufficiently durable. Problem is, that the lenses doesn’t change color, doesn’t darken at all.

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